Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things That Make The Heart Beat Faster: Favorite Things Project

Favorite Things: Day 1
Splashing in puddles with the boys after a hard spring rain (with gusts up to 40 m.p.h. too!)

I'm beginning a collaboration for the month of May with a group of other blogging friends inspired by a Japanese author and court lady named Sei Shonagon, who wrote an equisite book of observations from 967-1000. Little is known of her except her real name and this record of her musings left behind in this book, including lists of things under headings such as "things that make ones' heart beat faster", "pleasing things", and "elegant things".

We will be posting once a day for the month of May, a photograph and quick muse on anything that strikes our fancy and falls into one of those three categories. I love this idea because there is a part of me that loves sharing my favorite things and a bigger part of me that is intrigued and exicited for the glimpse into my blogging friends' world and what they see that inspires them.

The list of collaborators is as follows (and is also listed on the left sidebar under the heading Favorite Things Collaborators: Summer, Annika, Cydney, Blythe, Jenn, Andy, Jennifer, Marianne, Moi(that's me!), and Molly.


  1. oliver is getting taller/slimmer! he's grown a lot in the last few months....i've really got to get out there for a visit soon!

  2. I was just thinking what Blythe said.
    Also...this will no doubt make my list this month too!
    loves to you.