Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Things: Day 21

Favorite Things: Day 21 Parties!
I love any excuse to have a party. I love preparing for it (I'm kind of a last minute planner even when I know months in advance that one is coming up), love cooking and baking for it, and especially love when everyone shows up at the door, smiling and excited to spend an "occasion" together. One year, my friend Hansi brought her Sam & Remy over for a Valentine's Day party.

Sam asked for a pirate party a few years back. Grandpa hand painted flags and I bought bandana material at Jo-Ann's so each kid could be swarthy...it was a stretch for Esther & Indy who are just too darn cute, but they tried.

I don't claim to be the most creative when it comes to party ideas, I mainly focus on the food and making sure everyone can make it but I've heard tales of Jenn over at Precarious and her legendary parties for her girls and often wished I had her kind of ideas and execution. I suppose in the end, though, no matter what your budget or your style, just getting together with friends and family is about all the excuse you need to have a party!


  1. Parties are the best! I'm always thankful for people who show up late, since I'm always working until the last minute. Or an hour into the start time, which happened at my last cocktail party, which I'm still hoping to find a day to post about before 31 hits!

  2. oh my they all look so little! but Indy and Esther...it's killing me how quick they grow!
    I bet that pirate party was awesome...too bad I was sick on your couch the whole time...ack.
    I love parties too...especially when they are thrown by you :)