Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Favorite Things: Day 15

Favorite Things: Day 15 Spontaneous Family Time
We do a rotating date night with two other couples that has been temporarily suspended until expected babies are born...thus, we found ourselves a few Thursday nights ago with no food in the house and some money in the budget for eating out. Sam yelled "Old Fashioned!" and away we went. After eating, we ran across the street to the Capitol lawn and had a raucous game of tag that wore us all out. It was one of those unusually warm early spring days and we had such an enjoyable time hanging out that no one wanted the evening to end. As we were getting into our car, a distinguished looking gentleman with graying hair was approaching his nice Volvo parked in front of us, and Oliver queried matter of factly "is that George Washington?" that sent us all in an uproar of laughter...a wonderful end to a lovely night.

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  1. I see room for Mimi right next to O...yep that would be just about right.

    I love these nights too...they are few and far between and sometimes (for us) it is as simple as a wendy's run at 9 pm but the time together is the sweetest!