Saturday, August 8, 2009


Winston-Salem, N.C. just got a whole lot cooler.

A dear friend of our family just moved there about a month ago and we miss her terribly. She's the kind of girl who is thoughtful and sweet, creative and crafty, and just plain awesome. The kind of girl who decides one day, "hmm, I think I want to learn to needle felt animals" and then buys a book and next thing you know, is handing you this incredibly cute sea creatures mobile for your new baby.

The kind of girl who knows just what a 7 year old would want for his birthday.
The kind of girl who knows just how to dive into a big pile of french toast, laden with butter and maple syrup and not blink an eye over the calories. Or the amount of noise coming from the 3 crazy boys across the table. The kind of girl who can speak seriously and than has you laughing your butt off at some wisecrack. A girl with limitless creativity who you are excited to watch to see what she takes on next.

A girl who has taught me that great friendships can come from the most unlikely circumstances.

We miss you, Kate. And your little dog, too.

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  1. Kate's moving?

    That sea creatures mobile is incredible. wowzers. :]