Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love how some of the best meals are the simplest. A few nights ago Sam, Felix, Jasper and I were keeping the home fires burning while Ryan and Oliver were out fixing an espresso machine together late. By the time dinner time rolled around I needed a second wind and some inspiration. I found the latter in the beautiful tomatoes sitting on the counter, freshly picked the night before from our garden. Luckily, I had some local Crave Brothers fresh mozzarella in the fridge. Sam rode his bike to the co-op by himself (kind of a big deal)to purchase a baguette and some local ham. When he got home, we set to work putting together ingredients. Sam sliced the tomatoes and baguette while I picked basil and found the last of the 2 yr. white cheddar. We assembled ham and cheese on buttered baguette, which reminded me so much of being in Paris, and of course the insalata, the ubiquitous first course at any restaurant in Italy. Eating leisurely outside, talking and watching the sunset - after 45 minutes of this, I realized we had gorged ourselves on two of the above salads. The tomatoes were amazing- I know they are literally a fruit, but I don't think I've ever tasted anything so sweet and flavorful in my life. I can't wait to get to work canning these - it'll be like preserving Summer for the rest of the year. When it's January and -17 degrees out, I'll pop open a jar of these glorious beauties and remember basking in the evening sun with my boys.


    I'm so proud of Sam...that is amazing.
    and the meal looks so wonderful, as usual;)
    Is this the same night as the dessert around the fire pics in my email? What a fantastic and memorable summer night.

  2. i am seriously tearing up that sam went to the co-op by himself to get a baguette and ham. !!

    that is incredible. he's growing up. :]

  3. I want to post the picture of Sam's triumphant return home but it's on Ryan's iPhone...maybe later.
    And Summer, no, this was a different night. I've made these pie-ettes 4 nights in a row b/c they are so fun to make.

  4. is there another word for wow?? i am more proud of you for letting him. good job. i need to let go