Friday, August 14, 2009

Cinnamon Girl

We are big Neil Young fans here in our home. He's kind of our go-to music when no one else will do. I love the song Cinnamon Girl, but to be honest, I haven't listened closely enough to all the lyrics to tell you if it's an appropriate song to like, but for a girl who bakes, the chorus alone feels appropriate. We go through what seems like pounds and pounds of cinnamon that we replenish from the bulk section of our local co-op. One of the biggest uses for lots of cinnamon is a sticky bun that shares the same name. Made with a simple cream cheese frosting, these puppies give Cinnabon a run for their money.

We've been having an uncharacteristically cool summer here in Southern Wisconsin, and one day last week found us in our pj's all day long. By afternoon, the overcast sky and cool breeze made the boys think making Cinnamon Rolls would be a good accompaniment to our plan of piling on our bed and reading aloud from our stash of library books. Unfortunately, my camera died before the final product could be photographed- not that it really matters- it was an out-of-focus blur from cooling rack to eager mouths...



  1. yummmmm.
    I wanna pile in a big bed, read and eat cinnamon rolls with a bunch of boys. That sounds just about perfect.
    I can just imagine them melting in my mouth.

  2. Remember the night we collectively ate about 9 of them (you me and ryan) sitting on the couch watching Don't Mess With the Zohan? Good times...

  3. also, starting to look around at tickets for those dates (9/17-22)


  4. love these photos of your boys cooking with you. so awesome. & yes, i'll take a coupla those yummers right now -- i might need that recipe...