Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fireflies and Firelight

My favorite thing all summer has been going for runs in the evening, with Sam riding beside me. We start when the sun is just beginning to set and by the time we get to the country roads, the fields beside us are dancing with a million little firefly lights, one of the most magical things I've experienced. With a full moon over head and your first boy beside you, it's lump-in-your-throat inducing and somehow melts all the stresses of the day. A few of these same evenings, we've built a fire in the backyard and stayed up late eating Cherry Heart Piettes and ice cream, or roasting marshmallows. The boys regale Ryan and I with tales of their days' adventures, their dreams for the future (always involving Legos!), and their new-found love of knock-knock jokes and riddles.
If I look exhausted, it's because I was. Plus, campfires have a way of being hypnotic.
Sam suggested we throw an end of Summer bash at our house, complete with Baughn fire. I think he's on to something...


  1. what I wouldn't give to come to that bash. And I long for the day my girls visit and experience firefly lights dancing...that is one of my favorite memories from living there and from visits. I can just picture Sam beside you and can't imagine having that experience without a lump or a few tears special for both of you.

  2. Felix is getting so BOYish. he's losing all the babyness! yikes.

    and i love the Baughn fire idea. that's incredible; what a wit-ster. :]

  3. oh! also: will those fireflies still be around a month from now? i've never seen any before, and that would be a big thrill...!