Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put Your Lovin' Arms Out Baby

Ryan and I like to play a little game in the car (or anywhere, for that matter) called Name That Band. The rules are simple enough- whoever says the name of the artist first when a song comes on gets a point. I don't want to brag or anything, but I kick butt in this game. I think it has to do with my weird memory for things - you know, like license plate #'s, who dated who in Hollywood, and guitar riffs (the important things), but whatever the reason, I crush Ryan. Sometimes we get bored and hit scan and usually, without fail, I recite the band names without hesitation- "Led Zeppelin, The Killers, Lady Ga-Ga, The Shins, um, Mark Knopfler, John Cougar, etc.". However, one particular evening as we approached the exit for Hwy 138, we scanned the hip-hop station and Ryan says, "ohhh, it's Jeremiah." I have a brother by that name so I was momentarily confused until Ryan explained that the song was "Birthday Sex" and the artist's name is Jeremiah.

Now for those of you who know my husband, you will understand why this little story is so funny. And you will find it as amusing as I do that he frequently comes home, as of late, singing inappropriate songs.

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol...

P-p-p-pokerface, b-b-bump up the bass...

You say it's 2008 and but you're so 2000 and late...I got that boom-boom-BOOM...

I think Mad Town's #1 Station for Hip-hop has created a monster.

This current shift in our listening habits no doubt has to do with the fact that Oliver and Felix love to dance. So do I. I'm not saying I can dance, but I like to think that given a chance with a Dancing with the Stars kind of set up, I could hold my own. Whatever the case, there is a certain amount of joy and freedom in putting on some good music and just letting loose. This got me to thinking about my personal current favorite hip-hop songs out there. The first, you are probably familiar with if you've ever seen this Adidas commercial:

I mean, can you believe the people they got to come to this party? The Run D.M.C. guy, Beckham, Missy Elliott, and I'm pretty sure I spotted Chris Rock and J.T. as well as a host of "others". I couldn't find the 30 second spot to post, but the full length is better anyway. This is the kind of party I want to go to, minus the excessive making out, drunkenness, celebrities, and licentiousness, of course.
But invite all your favorite friends over, let the kids skate board on a half-pipe in the living room (or street)
stay up way too late,

throw on some great music,
and dance til you fall over.

That particular song is a re-make of a Franki Valli and the Four Seasons song by Madcon. So fresh. The beat is infectious and I defy you to stay immobile if this song comes on the air.

Echo by Gorilla Zoe is a current favorite around here too. I'd love for Ryan's band to remake this song with my friend Beth singing vocals. Really, such a beautiful song melodically. But hands down, American Boy by Estelle (with Kanye West) is the most requested song in our house. I love questioning the boys -Would you be my American boy?


  1. i love ryan. i love thinking of him singing those songs. i love dance parties. i love you. me want to go there.

  2. somehow I'm not surprised in the least that Ryan would get that one! Love it. miss you guys...

  3. Stephanie...I totally remember you from that long ago day in the coffee shop, and am thrilled to catch up on your super-fun blog! (Loved the music on this one-Ro and I like to dance too:)
    I know how much Summer misses you and your beautiful family...we are so far away from family right now, but are enjoying the adventure of it.
    Again, I love reading your blog and am very inspired by your vision of life....thanks!

  4. thanks Axon. What I remember the most about meeting you was "man, that girl is cute! and has great style." I seem to remember some killer boots...
    thank you for your kind words and encouragement- it makes me feel inspired to keep posting to read comments like yours. it's tough living so far away from all our family, which is the main reason for blogging, and I'm sure your far-off friends and family love yours for the same reason.