Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last Weekend in Redux

(Warning: Ridiculous amount of family photos to follow.)

We had a very full and lovely weekend last week:
Saturday found Jasper and I at the Maple Bluff Neighborhood Garage Sales, and despite (or maybe because of) the soft drizzle coming down, we had a great time together.
(happy even though I woke him up early)

Maple Bluff is the richie rich neighborhood that sits on the north side of Lake Mendota and houses the Governor's Mansion, so everyone comes out in droves hoping to land the deal of the century. My anthro buddy found practically new Frye boots for $15 (which she promptly resold on ebay for a killing) and a Marc Jacobs coat for next to nothing at last year's sales, so my expectations were high. Whether it was the rain or miserliness, no one can say, but I didn't find any designer deals. I did, however, score a pair of Saucony's for Sam (nice alliteration, right?) for $1:
a great set of vintage enamelware, all with lids, for about $20,

a new compost bucket (the compost was free),
and a gorgeous vintage LBD for $5! The woman I purchased it from used to work on Broadway and said she wore it frequently to events in NYC back in the day. Just lovely!
When Jasper and I arrived home, we found that a sandbox had been built by Ryan:

(which in all honesty, I'm secretly regretting. the sand. gets. everywhere. but the kids LOVE it.)

Some soccer was played

as was some freeze tag:

followed by some dreaming under the trees and clear blue sky.
(photo by Sam)

A good ol' Wisconsin meal of brats and dogs and homemade sparkling lemonade was eaten,
followed by raspberry creme fraiche tart,
finished off with a long draught of baby gazing:

Life is immeasurably full for us right now. My cup, indeed, runneth over.


  1. wow, oh wow. what a fun day.

    1) jasper. is growing up far too fast. i hardly recognize the little pinkish monkeyboy newborn i held in one arm only a few months ago. !!!

    2)i love that enamelware, and what a great price!

    3) that photo of oliver running toward the cam is priceless. he is something fierce. ;]

    4) you can tell sam i love his photo of the sky through the trees, and think he has quite a lot of potential to become a real "photographer," (but don't let it get to his head...) !!

    5) matching. shirts. for the oldest boys. ?
    oh steph. were those a gift? i trust they were, because surely you'd never go out and buy matching apparel for your boys...? ha.

  2. Blythe, the boys are wearing matching jammies that they picked out...they have a thing about matching at bed time! and yes, jasper is growing way too fast...can't wait for you to see him again and p.s. you can still hold him in one arm!

  3. So not fair. You're there and I'm here and at the moment I can't do a thing about it. Makes me sad. With you in spirit, eating a nice brat and enjoying summer with you and the boys.