Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing New

Imagine my surprise (dismay?) when I opened my new anthropologie catalog this evening only to find this chair being offered...
which looks suspiciously like the one in the first photo and below, which I reupholstered two years ago. "Hmmm, even the fabric looks very similar" I though to myself. But surely that can't be. I used 100 year old homespun jute and flax/linen blend (not entirely sure) from France that I bought from someone on ebay. So I looked at anthro's website and guess what? The Lunet Chair is "upholstered in recycled jute sacks from France...Price $1698".

I don't know whether to be kinda proud of myself or annoyed that something I thought was so unique is now so accessible. Well, only if you have an extra $1698 laying around. Sheesh. Guess it just goes to show no matter how hard you try, there's nothing new under the sun.


  1. Um....I think this means you are amazing, and should be offered a design job with Anthro....any maybe a free chair? Seriously...you reupholster your own chairs? You are my new hero.

  2. ps - And yes, chalk one more up for King Solomon.

  3. You definitely should dangle your version from strings attached to your ceiling. Such an improvement on Anthro's part.

  4. Taste-maker, trend-setter, leader of the pack. Take comfort in your Gaultier/McQueen status in the upholstering world! I'm sure Target will have a similar option in two years for $300, but not nearly as lovely as yours.

  5. Marianne- Finally! Someone agrees with me that I'm amazing. Just kidding...this is the ego stroking part of blogging that is tough but I appreciate the compliment! My mom set the tone by taking upholstering classes when I was young and we couldn't afford new furniture and my mom was just a DIY kinda gal.

    Cyd- I would if I didn't think the boys would be climbing up and jumping down!

    Ethan-Does that mean I'll be offing myself in a year or two?

  6. yours is better.

    you ought to sue anthro for creative enfringement. (?)

    p.s. this is blythe

  7. Ethan- why can't I comment on your blog and why didn't I know about it before...and why aren't you writing for Esquire?