Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Favorite Things: Day 31

Favorite Things: Day 31 This guy..

For being steadfast, loyal, loving, hard working

baby wearer, boy carrying


For being my best friend, confidante, encourager, challenger. For patiently putting up with my bleep. For making all my dreams come true by giving me the family I always wanted. But mainly for being the inimitable Ryan. I love you.


  1. no, just didn't have time to complete the draft...later!

  2. i loved it when i showed up a few weeks ago and ryan was calmly watching six children on his own, and still finding time to be a jokester (telling the neighbor child that he had to shimmy his tush before he could catch the frisbee). you two are a lucky pair, and i love this post.

  3. he's a good man that Ryan Baughn (don't tell him I told you so). No one can compare.