Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Hopes Eternal

I received so many beautiful flowers from friends at my birthday party this year and having them scattered around the house seemed to usher in Spring a few weeks before the snow started melting. I love making a few decor changes seasonally and this runner, which was a gift my aunt brought back from her latest trip to Grasse, in the south of France (where my uncle is from), enjoyed its inaugural run on the table before a glass of orange juice spilled by Felix swept it into the laundry.
It was fun to set up some vignettes with a bird's nest we found and saved from last year.
Daisies from Siv.
This Primula (above) is from the lovely Jill. It's been 17 days and I've managed to keep it alive!


  1. I love these pictures--I took two of these when I entered your house the other evening, intending to post about material culture in your home as well. Thinking of interviewing you and the boys on this topic soon . . . as soon as I get my camera!

  2. oh my. how this makes me long for a day (at least) in your home. I love that runner! so beautiful. You always manage to make everything look so chic. sigh.