Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lego Synesso

This is Ryan on one of our date nights at our favorite place in Madison: Bradbury's. Owned by our dear friends Josh & Jill Makoutz, it's enjoyed a great reputation for their sweet and savory crepes made from local organic everything, as well as serving Kickapoo Coffee, winners of Micro Roaster of the year in Roast Magazine. Everything about their shop is done with the utmost attention to quality and creativity and I love going there because even if Josh & Jill aren't working, the place exudes their creativity and passion for good food and drink, and most of all, community. I think it's no accident that Bradbury's quickly became the place to go for a pre-Farmer's Market brunch and nothing could make Ryan and I happier than witnessing their success.
Which brings me to Lego Synesso, the title of this post. A few weeks ago, Josh & Jill hosted a birthday part at Bradbury's (after hours) to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the shop. What Ryan wanted to get them was quite expensive and we didn't have the time or money to put it together, so he and the boys racked their brains and came up with the idea of making a Lego model of the incredibly sweet and slick Synesso machine that makes the lattes and flat whites for all the good hipsters of Madison. I don't know much about these machines, but I know Ryan could wax rhapsodic for hours if you'd let him, and he and Sam and Oliver had a lot of fun pulling up photos from Synesso's website and creating the above model from the hundreds of spare Lego parts we have sitting around.
Sam went a step further and created a robot barista who has apparently rendered Josh, Jill, and all their employees useless, which I guess saves on payroll. He also re-created the handthrown coffee mugs drinks are served in, although in the end, they just gave Josh & Jill the machine.

So Happy Birthday Bradbury's and if you live in Madison or its environs or plan on visiting, make sure you stop in the shop right off Capitol Square.


  1. You are telling me that the first picture above is of an object made out of Legos???!!!???

    Too amazing.

    Sam is such a cutester. Can't wait to do a crossword puzzle with him & O tonight, over pasta.

  2. Sam is killing me with cuteness- my goshhhhhhhhhh

  3. SaM!!!! and that robot! oh my.
    best gift ever.

  4. Sam's lego creation is epic. I love it! Great post