Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dressember 2nd: This Is Why They Wore Girdles

Today I chose a long neglected vintage dress from Suzy Q. Very Betty Draper of me, don't you think? There I am, languishing about with my 10 o'clock Old Fashioned. That's 10 a.m.
I realized, about 2 hours in to the day that the sharp pain in my side was not last night's pizza expanding and contracting in my stomach as I had originally thought, but was in fact, due entirely to the teeny tiny waist band of my dress. Clearly my boyish figure would have been trussed like a turkey in 1958 in order to fit in the clothes of the day. Sigh. The things we women have done (and will do) to look presentable.


  1. and how presentable you do look, dear! pain schmain- i say, suck it up! ;)

  2. all i can say is, " YOU'RE BACK "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have really missed this.