Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Jill Missed

We had the sweetest house guest with us this past weekend, little Ruby (and her Papa Josh, too, who is great but isn't a small, flaxen haired girl with a chirpy voice). Ruby's Mama Jill went to San Francisco with a friend for a much deserved birthday weekend and we got the joy of hanging out with this little lady. The whole weekend was wonderful but here are some highlights from Sunday.

After waking up and feeding the fish (Ruby's morning ritual at our house consisted of feeding the fish and then taking tea, being very careful and studied with both), we set out for brunch at Sardine.
Got home in time for a
bike ride to the Co-op to buy ingredients for...
tea in the little copse nearby, a place my niece Indy would deem a fairy glen.
A creek ran joyfully by and Sam was soaking wet by the end of his exploration of it.
Ruby found the Frog Prince. Who opted out of the kiss in favor of diving back in the creek.

Beautiful warm day, just right for exploring the creek.
Josh and neighbor friend Lily eating scones.
Jasper does not believe in standing on ceremony.

Ruby takes her tea drinking very seriously. A girl after my own heart.

After we picked up O, we went to Joel & Jenny's for a bonfire and fireworks.
I heard that while all this was going on, Jill was having adventures of her own, namely making it on to the Food Network channel while eating wonderful baked goods from Tartine and getting to spend the night with my dear friend Jen (whose etsy shop you really must check out).
It was a sad Tuesday morning when Felix came downstairs, sat down to breakfast then put his spoon and asked "Where's Ruby?" accusingly...I think he, like all the boys, were quite smitten and we hope for another visit soon!


  1. When did Jasper become such a kid?!

  2. ruby has likewise been asking where felix is, everyday since she stayed with you guys. it's so funny...i thought of telling you how important drinking tea is to ruby, but it looks like you had that sorted out! thanks for the lovely pictures!

  3. hey steph-
    thanks for having us... i'll work on my flaxen hair and chirpy voice (even though i was made fun of for this all the time in grade school), but i don't know if i can master the "small" bit. but honestly, it was really a wonderful weekend.

  4. I overheard Felix telling Oliver this morning, "Ruby is a GIRL, Oliver," again in that same accusatory voice...not sure how her name came up or what the rest of the conversation was about, but she made quite an impression, I can tell you that! Thanks so much for the joy of hanging out with you both!