Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Highlights

It feels like ages since I've been on here, or been online for any length of time as of late. We've been super busy, had a very full and fun last few weeks but the truth is I've missed writing and posting so hopefully I'll find time to catch up somewhat. Maybe I'll go all Olympic on you and give you an edited view of what's been happening. Here it goes. The Highlights. I promise, no blood.

The above photo is of the newest member of our family. Frank "Gerby" Baughn came to live in Sam & Oliver's room two weeks ago and couldn't have asked for better care takers. Sam immediately read everything he could about Frank and has been a very proud F.O.G. (friend of gerbils).
Kate gave us a book on papier-mache ages ago and the boys have been begging to try. Ryan, who learned from the best - his dad, Grandpa Terry, helped Ryan and his siblings create sculptures such as a life size King Penguin and other amazing creatures when they were younger - began this zebra head, which has yet to be completed and has the unfortunate resemblance at the moment to an anteater but sshh, we don't say that out loud, not wanting to hurt its feelings. Besides, the construction is not yet complete and what you see below is nothing a little facial re-constructive surgery can't fix.

We had the bittersweet joy of celebrating little Jasper's 1st birthday on Feb. 1o. Sniff, sniff.
Lots of baking to get ready for the annual birthday bash my friend Ethan and I have thrown 4 years running.
An amazing evening with St. Vincent. Okay, we weren't really with them, but, you know. It was mesmerizing.
Annie Clark, the musical yeah i'm just gonna say it genius behind St. Vincent is the cutest little pixie. But man, can she play guitar.
The best part was getting to be there with these three lovely ladies: Hansi, Cydney, and Beth
A few days later, the Jedi's were called to the planet Hoth for patrolling enemy activity...
Jasper decide to sleep on the job.
By the time we got home from such an exhausting, yet fun week, all anyone really wanted were hand cut frites. So we made some. And they were good.

The End.


  1. So sad I didn't bring my camera to snap pictures of the fabulous food & cakes you two made. I almost never choose vanilla/white cake, but that raspberry/coconut/lemon whatever was to die for! Actually, this might be a record--I didn't try the chocolate!

  2. HI Frank Gerby!!! I want to meet you...also...can Sam please slow down with the growing up already?! it is killing this visit deprived Auntie.

    Looks like your whirlwind was a ton of fun!
    and that picture of Ryan and Jasper sleeping...yeah...I don't even have words for how that makes my heart swell and my eyes water...boy do I miss them.