Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Bliss is... going for a late night walk in the first snow fall of the year ("Isn't it magical, Mama?"),
waking up to find the world (or at least our neck of it) covered in this,

the glee in your 3rd born's eyes when thinking about Christmas treats,
seeing a Papa with his boy,

and baby snuggle time.
What's your bliss?


  1. my bliss is coming in the form of a holiday road trip to colorado where i can stare out the window and think about whatever i want -- but not until after this weekend and i'm done with all my shows :)

  2. Feeding my girl in the middle of the night and peeking out the window to see our first snow fall of the season. Then realizing that this is her first snowfall, ever. Bliss. That and I think my first glass of champagne will be blissful. Mmm.

  3. You know intimately from facebook how blissful I, too, found that snow day. What unimaginable beauty. It really brings you one step closer to the divine.

    Bliss is eating with those I love, listening to music, nature (and thinking about John Muir), snow-capped trees, harvest moons, walking my dog, my friends, writing with my friends (you!), reading my friends' writing, artistic expression, a good audiobook, dancing, love.

    "And then the candy cane went into the water."

  4. Bliss is also your peppermint bark. I had to put it in the fridge this morning to avoid taking it to work and eating all of it. I heart you guys. You make great children and a great family. And your messiness makes me feel good about myself. Or, rather, right at home.

  5. speaking of john muir, that guy is a bad ass, i totally need to read more about him - we are in the midst of watching ken burns national parks series; we are road tripping this summer & are super excited!!

  6. Jenifer whom I don't know, I am SO jealous! I just watched the first two discs in that series and could barely restrain my appreciation for John Muir. Teddy R. has always been a hero of mine for his support of the parks.

  7. Jenifer- Please tell me you will be coming within 300 miles of our house this summer- we will meet you somewhere on the open road if we can't actually woo you to our home.
    Cydney- I can't think of a better compliment than our friends feeling at home in our home...and we mean it when we say "anytime".
    Auti- What a wonderful bliss you are experiencing! The best.

  8. bliss. ahh bliss is waking up to fresh baked scones with butter and jam and the perfect latte with at least a boy and a girl in my arms. Too long since I enjoyed that bliss...
    Also splashing in puddles with your boys in the tennis courts has to be one of my favorite bliss filled moments. I think I could write an entire page or two or three on the bliss in life. Suffice to say you know where I tend to find it...books,pictures, tea, nuggles, rumpuses and on and on...

  9. steph, we figured out that this summer, in 2010, it will be my 10th cross country trip & bl's 20th! (thus making 2010 very appropriate! )& yes, i do think we are going to try swing near into wisconsin-town, we'll keep you posted! xxx.

  10. jen- and i thought i was doing well with 4 (and a half) under my belt! Wow! that's so cool- there is so much beauty in this vast country, and such interesting diversity every which way you think about it.