Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where I've Been

In the span of 5 days we logged 2, 227 miles of driving. 4 kids, one ridiculously cute girl, and a crazy Mama with a thermos full of coffee.

Road trip to Virginia.

Ryan left a few days earlier for a training in Nashville and it hit me that the safety of all our children, not to mention Blythe, was in my hands as we drove the approx. 1,114 miles (14 hours) to my brother's wedding in VA.

The trip itself was great. Staying in a hotel with 2 kids, a baby and a toddler late at night was not. Next time, we'll drive straight through. Karen-O's soundtrack for "Where the Wild Things Are" was a pretty appropriate soundtrack for our trip, and the boys wouldn't let us forget it. "I want rumpus song!" was a fairly constant request from the back row, with Blythe patiently reminding Felix to ask nicely before acquiescing.

The drive was spectacular as we hit each state at what seemed like the peak Fall colors. We spent a day exploring Charlottesville, one of my favorite towns to visit when we're in Virginia. The actual wedding was dreamy, on my new sister-n-law's family farm in Zuni. It looked like a scene out of Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility.

Every once in a while, like when I see a photo like this, it hits me: "I've got 4 boys!!!!"

The reception was held under tents, which was a good thing because it poured buckets about an hour into the dancing.

Noel's wife, Leah, sketched a picture on this canvas and then had guests use the paints provided to paint in a square. The painting now hangs in their first home together.
Felix was very tired by the end of the night and when Ryan leaned over to ask if he wanted to go dance, he responded, "no, I just want Blythe."


  1. I am glad the blogging will resume! Can't wait to see more snippits into Baughn WI life.

  2. will be sending a little package very soon....with photos and music and ...bears? oh my!

  3. was wondering where you went off too - i'm sure noel's wedding was amazing. & they will live in zuni?

  4. and what a beautiful life it is. I love that first picture with a little peeking Blythe.

  5. I don't blame Felix. That looks pretty comfortable.